We are different
in the way we help

We are an active, aligned, and proactive partner, helping founders get to the next round faster by focusing on product/market fit.

We Both Invest
and Co-Create

We believe in a more craft approach to new company formation building alongside our portfolio founders and entrepreneurs-in-residence. Build with us – no idea is too early for our model and we stand ready to become “first check in.”

Learn more about our founded@program here.

Equally Deep in Tech &
Go-To-Market Expertise

We invest in core technologies and understand product development from the ground up, but also bring unique experience in go-to-market sales and marketing to help our founders scale fast, build strong cultures, and straighten the path to product/market fit.

It Takes a UNION

  • We bring together Fortune 500 companies, VCs and entrepreneurs to fund and support the right teams.
  • We provide access to corporate customers, Sand Hill VCs, and large technology communities (for example, the IoT Consortium, Founders Den). The best things happen when people come together and collaborate whether in person or via Zoom!
  • We help founders find success at the intersection of technical readiness and market adoption.
  • How We Invest at Union Labs VC

    • We target $500K-$2.5M of initial invested capital at the seed or pre-seed stage for companies in the DeepTech segment.
    • Our focus is primarily in categories of Climate, PropTech, and Mobility.
    • North American focus.
    • We can invest pre-product or pre-revenue, but look for a process to test product / market fit.
    • We will lead more than 50% of deals and approach sets, unique technical insights, and grit.

    Our investment ethos
    drives our portfolio

    We want to combat the world’s biggest challenges for future generations to live in a better place.

    Our Portfolio